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Doris Lin is a motion designer and 3D illustrator based in Taiwan (UTC+8) who made her inspiration from animal and real life.She loves making furry things in her work.

I love to animate friendly things that I feel identified with , trying different things and making cute characters and animations .Recntly,I like to realize my idea in 3D.

Apart from work, I also enjoy watching various types of movies and taking photos on the street. I also like browsing different memes on the internet and using them as inspiration for my own creations. Sometimes, when I am working on my projects, I find myself amused and laughing out loud at what I have made.


2022-Present   WildDesign  / 3D Designer

2022-2022    Finger and Toe Animation Studio  / 2D Animator

The Jennie show - Animation series 


2021-2022     Indie design   / 2D Motion Designer

Brands I’ve Designed & Animated For



2017-2021         Shih Chien University  Department of Communications Design

Come and say hey → dorislinwork@gmail.com 

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