ASUS CES 2023 #Lightness

Animation,Styleframe | 2023 |

Wild Design has produced five global teaser trailers for the ASUS CES 2023 event.

These trailers revolve around ASUS's new technology, 3D OLED, and extend into five video concepts that showcase the potential of naked-eye 3D through visual representation. Using abstract and playful techniques in each video, we aim to convey the craft and design philosophy of our products.


Production House:野人設計 WILD DESIGN
Clients:華碩 ASUSDirector:陳志育 Ida Chen
Project Manager:吳昱緯 Phil Wu、游佳怡 Chia Yi Yu
Creative:陳志育 Ida Chen

Styleframes:林意媗 Doris Lin
Animation:林意媗 Doris Lin
Sound Design:陳敬恆 Quiet Chen

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